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The Best (Cheap) Breast Pump Ever!


So, I’m sitting here the week before I return to work after six months of maternity leave, mentally preparing to start pumping more often. For the last six months, I’ve done on-demand feedings, and only pumped a handful of times when I had to leave my daughter briefly to get something done. The pump I used on those occasions was the Spectra S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump. It’s highly rated on Amazon and I got it free from my insurance, but honestly it made me HATE pumping. It pinches my nipples, yet at the same time doesn’t hold them snug enough, particularly when things get really milky. People seem to love it, but it’s never been particularly a good fit for me and my barely there nipples.

Obviously the thought of being hooked up to the S2 several times a day made me cringe so I set out to find a good, portable pump for the office. Someone told me about a pump you suction to your boobs and you can walk around without anyone being aware that you’re pumping, but I didn’t feel like spending a lot of money for a work pump, plus I have my own office for privacy so I decided to do a bit more research and found the new love of my life. The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump with Stimulation and Expression Modes. Yes, you read that correctly, MANUAL. Initially I thought that manual breast pumps had gone the way of the dinosaur but in reading the reviews I was convinced, and at $21, I felt it was definitely worth a shot (and the risk)!

What’s in the box:

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

When you open the box, it includes 2 flange sizes (standard 25mm & large 30.5mm), a naturalwave nipple, cap & collar, all for ideal suction, storage and feeding. There’s also nursing pad and storage bag samples. To get my little breast milk stash going I also bought four extra storage bottles from the same brand (because they were cheap) and my absolute favorite Kiinde Twist Pouch storage bags to go along with the pump.

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch


What I love about this pump, is that it’s not only ergonomic so it doesn’t hurt my hands but it’s also super comfortable and pain free. It’s really lightweight and portable so it can fit in my purse or my daughter’s diaper bag, I can use it in the car, on a plane ride or any other place where I don’t have electricity. This excites me to no end because as soon as the weather gets nice, we have so many outdoor plans. I don’t have to be tethered to any wires, which quite frankly drives me crazy. Most importantly though, is the expression, which I give a 10/10! I got 4 ounces in a little less than 15 minutes, my milk was absolutely flowing, and it’s no fluke, I get consistent results with every single use.

Results after first pumping session

Final Thoughts:

I really bought this pump to do quick pumps at work to help keep my milk supply up, but I’ve found myself using this exclusively in place of my electric pump. It’s so much more effective at encouraging let down and I love not having to put parts together before pumping, I just grab it and get started. It’s actually finally encouraged me to have a small freezer stash. So whether you’re looking for a portable travel pump, you want something to collect excess milk or you’re looking for just a great pump that doesn’t break the bank, do yourself a favor and give this little guy a try. I don’t think you’ll regret it.




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