The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

This is my first ever blog post (yay me!) and I’m writing while nursing my currently cranky, sleep fighting three month old daughter Eden. She’s my muse, in more ways than one and I’m excited to share my motherhood journey with you! A little about myself:

•My name is Nicky
•I am 32 years old
•I was born in Trinidad but I live in New York
•I have one child, a daughter, and her name is Eden
•My husband and I want one more baby in the coming years
•I am an only child
•I’m really into alligators. If you check my Insta you will see me sitting on a live one
•I’m a potterhead (I have an expensive wand and everything)
•I love documentaries
•I’m love Marie Antoinette! (FYI she never actually said “let them eat cake”, total myth)
•I plan to visit Versailles soon
•I adore Italian food
•I plan to breastfeed until my daughter is 18 months. If she decides she’s over it before then, that’s fine too
•I love dogs but I’m super allergic
•I’m a huge DIY person in every way. I love a good project and I love to create

I also LOVE getting to know my readers, so shoot me a message or comment and let’s connect!




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